Deliberately careless, crumbling waves and “ragged” tips create on the head artistic chaos, enhancing a cheerful mood and sexuality. Let’s figure out together why shag haircuts with bangs are among the most popular hairstyles of the season.

The length of hair can be any, but short is the hottest option. There is one important nuance: if the hair is curly, you can make the layers playful and shorter starting from the bang level. Need fresh ideas? Look at recent pictures of Scarlett Johansson and assess her shag on short hair.

Here are some observations on how you may make sure that such hairdo will change your total look to better:

  • Shaggy haircut is a good option for an oval and slightly square face. Softly falling, asymmetrical strands naturally decorate the face, concealing the length and angularity.
  • Classic shag goes with bangs and half-length curly hair.
  • Do not forget that given naturalness and versatility it is not a styling anyway, but a haircut. Hence, the form will need to be well-cared providing for charm and sensuality.
  • The relevance of shag today echoes with trends of the 80’s (and a bit of the 90’s), which is now especially popular. But in general it is in demand, because today there is still a slight natural negligence in the total look with a lot of options for a bang.
  • If you are a lazy person, stop reading this article. Alas, getting out of bed and quick brushing your locks a couple of times will not work. This variant is definitely for those who like sitting in front of the mirror not less than a half an hour. Do not worry, although it sounds scary, but in reality everything is simple and relevant.
  • Haute couture houses, f. e. Saint Laurent used this style in their latest catwalks. And you can trust their tastes.
  • To date, there are many styling products that will help to emphasize the natural texture of hair where necessary, add volume, windy look, and gloss. For each type of hair ─ thin, coarse and naughty, capricious curly ─ you need your set of special liquids. Ask your stylist to choose the ones that will be necessary for you.
  • A spray with sea salt is a must have in your bag. It will help to create and fix curls, while dry shampoo and hairspray will help you a lot in the business trip when you have less time than usual.
  • If you are not so skillful to cope with your bang, do not hesitate to ask a hairdresser how to use curlers, stylers, so that the waves are light and natural.

Shaggy hairdos are perfectly combined with different bangs: French, oblique, straight or on two sides, so do not be shy to experiment and implement the boldest ideas.