This haircut helps to tame the most hard, thick or untameable hair. Otherwise, if your strands are fair, it will contribute to a little art mess on your head and definitely decorate it. Consider short shaggy bob hairstyles if you like freedom and bold experiments.

They perfectly fall on the hair of any density. Your locks can be curly or straight, any color from blonde to red. Read the most interesting facts about shaggy bob on short hair:

  • If you are unhappy with too square cheekbones or round cheeks, the beagle should be put on an oblique parting. Such a step will slightly correct your appearance. In addition, ladies with round faces are recommended to complement the haircut with a two-side bang. It will give your features more harmony.
  • Remember that your new total look will require some self-irony & being easy-going. That’s why it’s highly praised by creative people and professionals from movie & fashion industry.
  • As for age, it cannot be said that this is typically youth variant, or vice versa – an adult option. Actually, it will suit to any girl or woman. Such a cut “makes friends” with both a strict office dress and a sporty outfit. But most often it is advised exactly to ladies at the age of 40-50 because it effectively hides wrinkles on the forehead and “camouflage” the plump cheeks.
  • The cutting technique is not very difficult: the longer the hair, the more layers a hairdresser will create. But with a short one there is no problem at all.
  • A hairdo looks equally good with a bang, and without it.
  • When styling your messy hair, remember the main thing: no logic! If you are the owner of curly hair, apply a few drops of wax, stretching them. If your hair is perfectly straight, then vice versa, curl them (slightly and not all strands). In order the effect of the wave lasts longer, use a special mousse and in some places – hairpins or elegant clips.

Is it possible to notice this hairstyle on celebrities? Yes! This image successfully followed by Fergie, Sharon Stone, and Sienna Miller to name just a few. They are very bright women with strong will and ability to work long hours.

By the way, if you are still hesitating whether to cut your strands or not, you may try arranging your strands in the style of shaggy bob on the base of such fashionable haircuts:

  • Short cascade.
  • Italian.
  • French with locks.
  • Graduated square.
  • Graduated bob.

Don’t wait for a proper time for global renovation. As they say, the best time is now. Be inspired by celebrities and ordinary women in the streets.