People used to believe that women should always wear only long hair and it was very unladylike for a girl to have a short boyish haircut. But luckily everything has changed these days and there are a lot of short and very short hairstyles, that look feminine and elegant in every situation. Everything depends on a hair structure. It is even possible to find good looking shaggy hairstyles for short hair. Relaxed and messy styles are very popular today and women happily wear them with a great pleasure.

Short shaggy haircuts usually take not so much time and they are really easy to style every morning. That is the reason why such cuts are so widespread among women of all ages, especially with fine hair. It is a low maintenance way to look fresh and flawless in the morning. Shaggy haircuts suit everyone, it is important just to choose it according to the face shape and hair structure. There is a list of short shaggy haircut examples down below.

Short shaggy haircuts

New hair trends today bring a lot of variants of short playful haircuts. Sometimes they can seem to be too boyish, but there are some interesting variations, that look good in every situation, from home to meeting with friends in a restaurant or even an important business event.

  • Classic Shag. This haircut is for those, who likes to be relaxed and to spend less time styling short haircut. Chopped layers all over the head make very playful look for younger girls, but it also looks good on women. Adding some bright highlights makes the look more stylish. It is possible to wear it super short like pixie or longer till ears or even the beginning of jaw.
  • Messy waves. Another variant of a shaggy styled cut, but more classic and smoother. Such cut should be a bit longer then the first one, from ears till jaw or shoulders, but still short. Sweet relaxed waves or tighter curls – it doesn’t matter. Everything depends on your desire and hair structure. Some highlights also look good on such hairstyle.
  • Funky Shag. Randomly chopped layers with extremely sleek locks? Why not. It looks sassy, stylish and messy. Perfect look for meetings with friends or a concert.
  • Long Pixie. The most classic shaggy look for office. It is not too severe and formal, but also not too relaxed. It will be the best choice for busy women, who got used to classical formal haircuts, wants to make some interesting changes, but still be serious.
  • Messy Bangs. Bangs are one of the best ways to change the style dramatically, but without changing the length. Shaggy bang with messy edges looks very playful and make women look younger than they are. It brings something girly in the whole image.

World has changed a lot these days and it is ok for girls to wear short and boyish haircuts now. To be more feminine, they added some messiness in their styles and it looks super good. It is easy to choose the suitable short shaggy haircut for everybody, everything depends only on a will and what style is needed.