In today’s realities it is always very important to keep the rash rhythm of life and to look good at the same time. And this is the real problem for women, especially those with fine hair. Thick hair allows to look like you have a whole mop of hair, it’s already styled and you are ready to go. But having thin hair is such a challenge! There is a need to use tons of stylers or special hair care products to reach a good finished look and go wherever it is needed to. But time flies when people are too busy with making their hair looking better.

And fortunately, today’s hair fashion trends propose a big amount of low maintenance hairstyles for busy women, who want to look good without spending their time on styling. In this case, shaggy bob haircuts for thin hair is the best solution women could ever find. They look cute, glamorous and easy at the same time, for everyday and special occasions. Just what today’s girls need. It is necessary to notice, that using of some styling techniques is still necessary, but the right cut makes it much easier and faster.

In the list below there are some tips how to add new changes to the regular Bob and choose the perfect one for you.

Shaggy Bob Haircuts

  • Shoulder or Jaw-Length Bob. If hair structure is not so thick, hairdressers usually choose shoulder or jaw-length shaggy cuts, because they make hair look a bit thicker by adding an extra volume.  This classical variant of Bob looks super easy, messy and relaxed and it is perfect for daily routine, if someone works hard, but still needs to look perfectly good. It is also a perfect choice for special occasions and sudden getting together with friends at the end of the working day.
  • Color Play. The best decision to add some new zests to a regular look are highlights. This is a great way to change something a little bit, but to have a brand new style. Shaggy hairstyles look the best with bright sparkling highlights all over the head. It is trendy to make shadow dark roots and several tones lighter ends with vibrant highlighted locks. Darker shades also make hair structure look visually thicker.
  • Asymmetry. Classic will always be classic, but different haircut adds the whole look something interesting and unusual. Changing just an edge, making it jaw to shoulder at the same time means a lot. It brings a modern look and says that the person is easy-going and relaxed.
  • A New Part. People don’t usually understand how important the part is. Making a new part makes an extra volume at the top and creates completely another look just in seconds. Switching it on the left or right, but not on the center makes more playful and messy look.

There is a countless amount of haircuts for fine hair to try them on and it is even possible to find different suitable variants of shaggy bob haircuts for thin hair for busy women. The best ways to make such haircuts to look better and to add something new to a completed look are length, colors and parting. Adding darker colors and bright highlights, changing length, making it asymmetrical or just switching an old part brings a new twist to the life.