dazzling long hairstyles

Dazzling long hairstyles are an excellent way to make a statement. Whether you’re looking for something to make you stand out from the crowd, or just something to keep your hair looking beautiful, a dazzling long hairstyle is the perfect choice. There are also a variety of styling options available, such as braids, ponytails, buns, and more. With a little bit of creativity, you can create a unique and beautiful look that is sure to turn heads. Whether you’re looking for something to wear to a formal event or just to go out to dinner with friends, long hairstyles are always sure to make an impression.

Beautiful long hair – the most important attribute of female attractiveness. Men subconsciously associate luxurious female hair with sexuality. We dare to suggest that the reason lies in the fact that men themselves often wear short haircuts, and opposites are known to attract. Girls with long hair always stand out in a crowd and attract the eyes of passersby.

In addition to sex appeal, long hair gives another distinct advantage – they can create a myriad of options for styling. Smooth and shiny straight hair, perky curls and soft curls, ponytails, braids, plaits – all in different variations available for long-haired beauties. Curls of this length provide a valuable opportunity to frequently change the image.

If a short haircut and hair of medium length is chosen by practical people, the long curls grow women who live according to the principle “beauty requires sacrifice. Care for them more difficult, to wear them, especially in hot weather, exhausting, but how feminine and luxurious they look!

1. Romantic curls

To make curls you will need curling tongs, thermo curlers or curlers and also a thermal spray for hair protection. For large curls choose curling irons with a larger diameter and for small curls with a smaller diameter.

Fluffy curls, sculptural curls, small curls, retro-style waves, “American curls” – there are a lot of options for such stacking. You can curl your hair starting from the roots, at the cheekbone level, or even curl just the tips.

If you want to get a well-defined curls do not comb your hair after curling, but only lightly curl with fingers. To create a voluminous voluminous styling, on the contrary, you should go through your hair with a comb, even slightly comb it. Do not forget to fix everything with hairspray.

dazzling long hairstyles

2. Braids and plaits

The stereotype that only little girls can braid plaits is long gone. Adult girls vosmysya use them for styling long hair. These hairstyles are very durable, comfortable (do not disturb the hair) – and at the same time, graceful and original.

Methods of weaving there are many – not only the banal English braid in three strands. This braiding includes four-five-six strands, braids “spike” and “semi-spike”, African braids, volume braids (deliberately fluffed up with fingers), braids, rim braids, hair baskets and many other options.

3. Solemn buns

Only long-haired girls can afford to create luxurious hairstyles in the style of up-do – with hair pulled back. All these hairstyles look very solemn, and to evening dresses and even fit perfectly.

These are all sorts of bundles, the odango (double bundle), “shells” and babette. The plaits may be high, low (“ballet bundle”), tight and free, gathered from plaits. To increase the volume of the bun, hairpieces and special extensions are used. Adding accessories in the form of beautiful combs and elegant hairpins, we obtain a chic evening hairstyle.

To fix the bun you will need an elastic band and a lot of hairpins, which are used moderately and with caution – a large number and / or tight fixation of hairpins can lead to a headache.

4. Fluffy Combs

A comb is the easiest way to add volume and opulence to your hair. This type of styling was most popular in the 80’s, but now it occasionally makes a triumphant comeback on the catwalks.

Before styling your hair it is important to wash it well – even lightly greasy locks can’t really hold a comb through. It is best to use a comb with sparse teeth and a long handle, with which you can separate layers of hair.

The first layer of hair is tucked away without combing. Each combed strand is fixed with hairspray. In conclusion, cover the comb on top of the untouched smooth layer of hair. Voila – fashionable hairstyle ready!

5. Ponytail

The ponytail is a “quick-fix” hairstyle, but despite this, it looks incredibly elegant. The main thing is to be able to give such a seemingly simple style a twist!

Fantasize and try different ways to style a ponytail: low ponytail, on the side, on the back of the head, two ponytails, with hair stretched with a flat iron or with curled curls. Also the ponytail can be puffed up, and you can – fix the rubber bands in different parts of the ponytail length. Add decorative elements to your taste: ribbons, hairpins, headbands, flowers.

Simple rubber bands in the hair look too casual. In elegant styles it is common to “disguise” the elastic band with your hair: simply wrap a strand around the band and fasten it with a bobby pin or a bobby pin.

Creating your daily image, strive to avoid platitudes: style your hair in an original way or decorate it with stylish accessories.

It is also worth mastering a couple of simple techniques – and then the need to go to the stylist to create an evening hairstyle will disappear. Experiment, create and make yourself and those around you happy with your beautiful hairstyles!